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About Us

The Mahomet Area Youth Club (MAYC) is a not-for-profit youth club that serves members ages 6-18 and their families. MAYC provides an after-school enrichment program during the school year called B.L.A.S.T., an all-day program at the clubhouse during winter, spring, and summer break, a jr. after-school club, a high school homework and robotics club, a work study program that partners with local businesses to provide on the job training, and space for the A.T.L.A.S program during the school year.

For over 1,000 youth each year, we work to improve attendance, grades, behavior, and school engagement. These indicators have been proven to enhance high school graduation rates, improve engagement in the community, decrease interactions with law enforcement, and generate long term successes. We are teaching and supporting youth to develop to their fullest potential to become responsible, respectful, caring, and productive citizens.

Chad Hoffman
Executive Director
Rhonda Mayfield
Office Manager
Kelly Cramer
BLAST Program Coordinator

Employment Opportunities

Mahomet Area Youth Club is looking for individuals who love to work with kids to assist with their Clubhouse hours during spring break and summer.

Counselors are responsible for a group of 15 to 20 children on a daily basis. They must ensure children’s safety, manage children’s behavior, act as a role model and mentor, and model constructive participation in all daily activities. They will work closely with the Programming Director and Executive Director to implement programming and to ensure the safety of all children. Counselors with the help of the children where appropriate are also expected to assist in cleaning up during the day and at the end of each day to ensure facilities are kept neat and tidy for continued use. Counselors must be at least 17 years of age. All Counselors must participate in 1.5 days of training before the Clubhouse opens for summer. Mahomet Area Youth Club will be open for spring break from March 19th through March 23rd and summer from June 4th through August 10th from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Counselors are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. This is a paid position. Please attach resume, application, and an e-mail explaining why you are interested in the position to Chad@mahometyouth.org.

Interested in volunteering? Find out more about how a few hours of your time can make a huge difference to our MAYC kids.


The Mahomet Area Youth Club was established in 1994 as a satellite unit of the Don Moyers Boys and Girls Club. As a result of financial constraints in 2003, the Mahomet branch was slated for closure. Concerned about serving the youth of the community, a group of dedicated individuals, community leaders, and school administrators set a goal to keep the doors open. A new organization was formed and the Mahomet Area Youth Club was officially recognized as a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

In 2013 MAYC was looking for ways to increase their membership and create quality after school programming. At the same time the Mahomet- Seymour School District was looking for ways to reintroduce enrichment opportunities after budget cuts had limited enrichment during the school day. School administration, MAYC board members, and district parents put their heads together to create after-school enrichment classes that would fulfill both needs. After researching other school districts after-school programming, B.L.A.S.T. was created to best fit the needs of our students and families, offering enrichment opportunities to students regardless of their economic or academic standing. B.L.A.S.T. has been eagerly welcomed by students and parents in our community! Funding for this program is provided by MAYC.

In 2017, MAYC relocated the clubhouse to 700 W. Main Street in Mahomet, so youth in the Out of School Programs would have access to better programming, more space, and a safer environment. Community and business support was fundamental in helping the club relocate. The new facility and a renewed focus on programming led to a record number of youth attending the club.

The club now serves over 1,000 students per year and positively impacts the quality of life throughout the community. Like its humble beginnings, Mahomet Area Youth Club continues to be a community supported youth development program, dedicated to serving children between the ages of 6-18, who reside in Mahomet and the surrounding areas.

Board of Directors

Title Name Contact
President Crystal Bailey  cmbailey1212@gmail.com
Vice-President Dave King  roylt6@soltec.net
Secretary Jennifer Valade  jvalade65@gmail.com
Treasurer Brady Allison  Brady.allison@mchsi.com
Immediate Past President Matt Difanis matt@mattdifanis.com
Board Member Greg Collins  greg@mahometcarconnection.com
Board Member Chris Forman cforman@ms.k12.il.us
Board Member John Koller johnkoller5@gmail.com
Board Member Jeff Starwalt  jstarwalt@ms.k12.il.us
Board Member Marcie Stout marcielynnstout@gmail.com
Board Member Tracy Ward Tward@ms.k12.il.us

Statement of Values

The MAYC Board of Directors and Staff will:

  • Provide area youth a safe and nurturing environment of enjoyment and challenge
  • Teach respect for cultural and economic differences present in the American way of life reflecting the principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • Train area youth in the responsibility and privilege of service to others and to the community
  • Provide leadership training for area youth, staff and club supporters
  • Support the family unit with a value based and inclusive program
  • Provide full club program services to all community youth with the full extent of Club resources
  • Remain responsive to the community values and needs

MAYC Foundation

The MAYC Foundation is an organization that supports MAYC’s programming and youth. Graduating high school students are encouraged to apply for the Lee Jessup Youth Leadership Scholarship that will give up to $2,000 to a student over the course of four years who is pursuing further education following graduation.

Monetary Donations

We accept monetary donations in the following ways:

  • In office (during office hours)
  • Mail
  • Phone
  • Online Donations


Donation of Goods

We accept and appreciate the donation of the following items:

  • Paper Goods (plates, napkins, paper towels, etc.)
  • Art supplies, games, sporting equipment, and office supplies
  • Outdoor games such as ladder golf, bags, KanJam, and Spikeball
  • Game systems such as a PlayStation.

Donate when you shop on Amazon. Go to smile.amazon.com and 0.5% of your total qualified purchases will be donated to MAYC by the Amazon foundation.